08 February 2007

Lamentation? Really?

I'm so confused by the downtrodden concern being expressed over Anna Nicole Smith's death, as if Dr. King was just re-assassinated and now we only speak of her with low-hung craniums. I mean, lighten up people, we didn't lose a valuable member of society or a brilliant doctor on the verge of a cancer cure, it was ANNA NICOLE SMITH! We have sustained the loss of the epitome of the airheaded, bleach-blonde, golddigging, tabloid-hogging, lose-weight-with-a-magic-pill commercialization the media presents to us on a pedastal of shit everytime you turn on vh1. Though I in no way think it is entirely ethical to judge the value of a life, we're not talking aborted babies here. As far as I'm concerned, good riddance! And don't worry your precious heads, someone just as mind-numbingly stupid and controversial will replace her. I hear there is a waiting list, actually.

Leaving a legacy...
of marriage based on the inheritance of a multi-million dollar estate, plastic surgery, choking down 6 ephedrine pills a day in addition to laxatives & anorexia for two years just to regain C-list celebrity status, and exposing your breasts out of sheer boredom.

RIP, dummy.