24 March 2009

ASMZ: Vulgar Kings on their Dirty Thrones

Lost a friend to cocaine, couple friends to smack,
Troubled hearts map deserts, and they rarely do come back.
Lost a friend to oceans, lost a friend to hills,
Lost a friend to suicide, lost a friend to pills,
Lost a friend to monsters, lost a friend to shame,
Lost a friend to marriage, lost a friend to blame,
Lost a friend to worry, and lost a friend to wealth,
Lost a friend to stubborn pride, and then I lost myself.

09 March 2009

Haley Morris-Cafiero

I did an illustration of my Photo professor for the cover of the next Black & White, the school newsletter I run. I didn't really notice till much later that the hammer looks like it is being squeezed crooked in her hand, which I actually kind of like more..

[click to enlarge]

Mr. Keebler

I just finished a freelance job for Cecil Smith & Associates. I had to take this little clip art guy and redesign him to look more like Mr. Keebler here.

08 March 2009

Taylor is in France

Taylor left for France on Friday morning, so we spent Thursday night sitting on the roof enjoying some wine to see him off well. Then I drew a comic about it. And then midterms ended finally!

04 March 2009

About Me

So I bought a pack of moleskins the other day firstly because it was the first day my debit card has been reactivated with real monies on it and I was standing in Art Center giddy to spend some of it, but specifically to draw daily comics in. Here's one:


I've done a couple others but I hate them so I'm not showing you. :P