19 March 2008

Graphics Class Stuff

I just wasted six hours of my life in Intro. to Computer Graphics. Boring. One of those classes I already know half the things I'm being taught, but have to wait on everyone else to catch up. Today we've been going through the basics of Photoshop, making still lifes out of stock photography. I made two, and all but landed an illustration job with the Memphis branch of the Navy via e-mail. Here they are (the still lifes, not the Navy):

[click to enlarge]

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08 March 2008

Against Me: Reinventing Axl Rose

"...Just gimme a scene where the music is free / And the beer is not the life of the party / There's no need to shit talk or impress / 'Cause honesty and emotion are not looked down upon / And every promise that's made and bragged / is meant if not kept / We'd do it all because we have to, not because we know why / Beyond a gender, race, and class, we could find what really holds us back

Let's make everybody sing / That they are the beginning and ending of everything / That we all are stronger than everything they taught us that we should fear."

Defiance, Ohio : Drinking Song

"The first thing we do if we want to get through this dependency that we've been courting / Is to finally come clean with the lines read between and make flat feet of tiptoes we're walking / Say, "We're finished." Say, "We're sorry." Say, "We're scared there's this weight we can't carry." / Say, "I'm lonely, and frustrated, and I'm ready to be here to hear that."

And try as we might we'll try and we might... /crumble these walls with a flood of our words and we'll have a foundation to hold us... All these things i want to say, like "Honesty is so underrated." We're in this together, and that's okay. So why are we so afraid to say it?"

06 March 2008

Who's going to Mexico with half her friends, an art history professor, and an anthropologist? This guy.