24 January 2008

First Week of the Semester

So the first week of school is about over. Okay, it was only three days, but it seemed more. Art & Design of the 1950's is going to be interesting, I think, but Art of the First People: Mexico is going to be better, because my professor gets so flustered talking about ethnicity due to fear of offending someone, but he's pretty cornered into the discussion, considering the class subject. Intro to Computer Graphics was a little slow for a six-hour course, but our first assignment turned out to be fun-sounding. More on that later-- for now, I just wanted to post the in-class assignment from today's Illustrated Story class. I'd like to actually consistently scan/document my work this semester and log it, so here goes.

The assignment was to draw instructions on how to tie one's shoes, using no text. I kindof like how mine turned out, though I think I may have skipped a step at the end trying to finish in time.

(The top is just an illustration of a hightop for fun.)

Today, after class, I bought my required texts, and on the way home I got to thinking about how Rozelle stuff and preparing for this big show on Saturday for the past two months has given me a lot to do, especially on Tuesday when I had a 4 hour break between classes and instead of going home to nap or eat or watch TV, I cleaned up the warehouse with Andy. I was thinking about how I enjoy having something productive to do during normally unproductive times, and how this show in particular has really pushed us all into doing so much more work together that we normally don't do, and then as I pulled up to school, I thought to put up some flyers. So I reached into the backseat to get the box of flyers, and I found my brand new digital camera that has been missing for a week or so, generally stressing me out. So Rozelle is not only helping me feel accomplished, but literally helping me find shit I lose.

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