17 February 2008

Art Dump

So Valentines Day has come & gone, and I got a manicure, pedicure, massage, steak dinner, bottle of table wine, and awesome Sci-Fi movie out of it all. What a darling boy I have, eh? All of my brilliant birthday gift ideas for Shea fell miserably through, so I ended up drawing him a caricature, like he had been whining at me to do. The angle of his head throws off the upwardly curled lip, so the smile I intended to balance out his wide eyes kindof disappeared... Or maybe I just think that, and it looks fine, and I should shut up so you think it looks good too...

Also, as of late, I have to say I'm still pretty excited by all the ideas I get these days for projects. The ideas I have are always stupid, or silly, or basically, not intended for a canvas or gallery, in the most blunt, stereotypical terms. It's as if finally taking a studio class that allows & even encourages silliness, stories, caricatures, and black ink has given me license to utilize them all again. Although I felt at the time that I was doing the right thing by challenging myself to draw naturalistically, I was bored to tears. It's really picturesque to think I came to art school to grow out of my comic book style of drawing, and have 4 semesters in, fallen right back into it, full-steam.

Anyway, I quite smoking this week, so I'm doing a cope piece. I'm attempting to personify individual cigarette brands into demons. I just finished the first last night, though I think I might be redoing him completely...

That's all, folks!

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