10 February 2008

F - R - E - E

This is my favorite of the FreeCreditReport.com commercials. I was singing this particular jingle inanely all day at school last week, and someone asked what the name of that band was. I hadn't really thought of them being a band, but I think it was Derrick I was talking to that brought up the observation that it's the same couple of guys each commercial. I did a little research, and they are not a band.

The singer is a guy named Eric Violette, and he is a French actor. Here's his website: http://www.ericviolette.com/. The video on the front page has him, slightly pudgier, speaking in French about what seems to be a montage of his dramatic roles in low-budget soap operas. I wasn't sure if this was the guy or not, till I checked out his experiences and saw, Rôle principal in Free credit report, réalisateur Danny Leiner under the Publicité section.

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CarrieJ said...

LOL ... stay away from teh HotWire commercial then!
H-O-T-W-I-R-E hotwire dot com!

I caught myself singing a combo of the two in the shower the other day.

Oh, just stumbled in here by way of some link. Blog surfing.