14 August 2008

Do vs. Think

The other night, I had a conversation with a close friend about the difference between thought-oriented people and action-oriented people. Often enough, people don't have a balance between the thought and the action. Thought people are very thorough in their thought processes. Every action they take, every paint stroke they lay down, every sentence out of their mouths is highly weighed, considered, and analyzed. Often times, it's out some kind of insecurity (isn't every interesting personality aspect always come back to insecurity?) of looking stupid. As with anything, even too much of a good thing can be bad. I know thought-oriented people, and they drive me crazy. I feel like they never take a break. They could never sit and watch a mindless movie contentedly, or draw a picture that didn't mean something so much deeper.

Then there's the action-oriented. As with thought people, action people have a split between thought and action, but the focus is on the actions. The actions represent the thought, and unlike thought people who analyze life for each and every decision, several, or even a hundred actions can equally represent one idea.

Myself? Action-oriented. I don't do a lot of thinking, weighing, doubting, or analyzing on a regular basis. I take an idea I like, I figure it out, and I act on it. The difference is just what it is that keeps you sane. Rethinking the ideas and concepts that make up your life constantly? Or acting on them constantly, using the trial and error method, figuring out a mode of living is good or bad by thinking only so far ahead, and acting out the rest.

I've been doing things. I'm always doing something. Most of my actions and efforts are toward one idea. One idea I thought up a long time ago and started doing things toward it, and I just never stopped. That idea is Rozelle Artists Guild. Sometimes I have to stand back and rethink the manner in which I'm going about these actions, to make sure they are still matching up with that idea. Sometimes the idea gets stale, and I have to marinate a while to juice it back up. But I'm an action-oriented person because the DO is what keeps me sane. It's what keeps me going. If I have more than a day with no commitments, appointments, calls, e-mails, flyers, or busied time, I GO INSANE!

However, being an action-oriented person so much of the time, sometimes I just need a long stretch of time to reevaluate the situations in my life, just to make sure I'm still chasing the same idea, and to make sure that idea is the one I still want to chase. It takes me longer than other people to logic out and prioritize big things like Rozelle, or being with Shea, or going to school. I often find that when I suspend myself in a go-nowhere thought process, squeezing my brain in a clamp to make sense of all the actions I've been doing... I end up insane. The way back to sanity is to just.. act. See what happens, or what doesn't.

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