25 June 2009

HolterDent, Ink gets some press!

As you may know, I do caricatures at private parties and select events as a means of supplemental income. I've been doing them for about two years now, and in the past year, I teamed up with one of the best illustrators I know, my friend Derrick Dent, to form HolterDent, Ink. [Notice the incredibly clever play on words.] We recently did caricatures for Rock'N'Romp, an outdoor concert series for music fans that want to see the type of bands that play in smokey bars on Saturday nights in a family friendly setting. We also set up some of our signature Coloring Book Murals, miniature style, for the kids under the guise of my other pet, Rozelle Artists Guild, Inc.. Memphis Daily News wrote us up this week! Check out the article at Rock N Romp Provides Musical Outlet For Parents With Kids in Tow

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