24 July 2009

Dream #48029

Last night, I had another installment in my latest series of really fucking weird conspiracy theory spy-movie dreams. Things are already getting hazy, but I know for a fact that I and Jin from LOST were partners in something. I feel like in the beginning we were employees of a catering service at a really large wedding. I'm at a party, and my snake tank is there. I notice there is a mouse in the tank, and I see Fido snap, kill, & eat it, so I get others attention to watch him eat the next one. Then I realize there are at least thirty mice in his tank, all slightly grey and small, and then I finaly see a dark grey and white mouse. However, while I'm distracted with the insanely quick reproductive rate of these mice, everyone is cheering on Snakey. He lunges at a mouse, but instead bites a huge centipede. I immediately begin to freak out, demanding that guests of the party use their phones to look up this particular type of centipede and if it's poisonous. I take Snakey with the centipeded in his mouth with Jin up to the roof. These tiny stickers like gumballs float from somewhere and land on Jin's neck, to which he yanks one off, looks at it, says "Oh, not again" and promptly passes out. I look at Snakey, and the centipede jumps from his mouth at my neck, and I pass out. I wake up and Snakey has been decapitated. The stickers drove Jin mad, and he bit his head off. His body has also been flayed. I am horrified, and the rest of the dream is spent trying to tell people what happened to my pet, but no one really cares enough to listen to the whole story.

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