04 August 2009

Memphis Flyer's Best Of Reader's Poll 2009

Yep, it's already that time again! Seems like just yesterday I was sitting at the Kwik Check counter with a half-eaten Turk seeping through its butcher paper, laboring over my choices for the Best Of in a brand new issue of the Memphis Flyer... the smell of freshly inked newsprint and lamb meat floating in the air...

Anyway, you can cast your votes for the best restaurants, bars, stores, galleries, bands, venues, and even the best success & failure of 2009 online. It'll only take you a few minutes and it's a nice way of showing your appreciation for the well-run small businesses in town. If I'm any influence on your vote, I'd go for Kwik Chek on Best Deli, Otherlands for Best Coffee Shop, Studio on the Square for Best Theatre, P&H for Best Hole In the Wall, Bosco's for Best Brunch, Camy's for Best Pizza, and of course, Black Lodge Video for Best Local Video Rental.

Follow the link! Best Of Memphis Reader's Poll 2009

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