25 September 2009

Man V. Woman: Advertising

Okay, usually I'm not an advocate of the whiney, feminist crap, and I'm not starting now, but... an observation, if you will. This commercial for Centrum Men's Vitamins I saw today is as follows: An image of a powerdrill, a barbecue grill, a nice leather recliner, and then the vitamins, with the narrator saying "Of all the things made just for men, this may be the most important."

Powerdrills? Just for men? Cushy chairs? Just for men? I can't say I know how to grill for shit, but I can sure as hell use a powerdrill, and I sure as hell have a bad back. I don't think those are really all that gender specific. It's 2009, Centrum.

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Marie said...

I saw the AXE Commercial with the women being used as a tunnel of spray applicators to a man's body, that was pretty campy, too.