03 September 2009

Tibetan Monks visit Memphis

The monks of the Loseling Monastery are in Memphis for the week. Wednesday night, they had their opening ceremony where they sang, chanted, and played these badass instruments I've never seen before. There is a shrine to The Dalai Lama set up in the main gallery at Memphis College of Art, and a few feet away, a table on which the monks are carefully constructing a sand painting of a mandala. They are working 10AM-6PM Thursday, September 03-Saturday September 05 2009. The closing ceremony is on Sunday at 1PM. Also, Sunday, September 06 at 7PM, the monks are performing at the Shell in Overton Park.

[click to visit flickr set of the monks]


Marie Provence said...

nice documentary photos... I need to learn how to post images more efficiently like this.

Lauren Rae Holtermann said...

You can always hiit me up for html tips.