27 October 2009

Five Interesting Articles

The Tools of Doctors, and a Price for Patients

An article chronicling the development and widespread use of technology as a means of diagnosis for doctors, and how each new discovery and invention is met with different opinion in the medical community versus the public.
[See also: Knowledge of Shadows: Introduction of X-ray images into Medicine]

A New Electronic Reader, the Nook, Enters the Market

An article about book retail conglomerate Barnes & Noble's new answer to the Amazon Kindle, featuring a "lending" option.
[See also: Amazon Kindle]

Changing the World

An opinion column about the gross passivity of modern Americans and their beliefs that they as individual citizens cannot affect change on the present dismal state of affairs, and how this mode of thinking is what allows the status quo to remain unchanged.
[See also: Are Americans Passive Cowards?]

The Alluring Power of Blood in Spiders

An article which notes the level of attraction to the opposite sex in Evarcha culicivora jumping spiders increases with the amount of blood the spider has ingested.
[See also: Female Spiders Eat Small Males When They Mate]

Slaughterhouse Live

An article about a class offered in New York City that teaches ethically-conscious, borderline vegetarian, and financially frugal citizens how to kill and butcher their own meat.
[See also: How to Butcher a Pig]

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