04 October 2009

Something Good In Memphis

Watch the local news in Memphis and you get damn depressed. I can't watch it everyday. A bombardment of stories about dog fighting rings, stolen babies, corrupt politicians, drive-by shootings and stray bullets killing innocent kids, and even the good stories like the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center's billboards celebrating National Coming Out Day are ruined by ignorant hate crimes ripping them down.

And then there's Something Good.

Something Good In Memphis is a website that showcases the good stuff happening in Memphis. From filmmakers helping to document this city's musical history in the making to volunteers keeping non-profit organizations open to 80-year old MIFA Meal's delivery guys.

Check out the website for a pick-me-up next time the news brings you down. I've been nominating people for a while. Christopher Reyes has already made it up on the board:

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Thomas said...

Thanks for sharing some great stories and for supporting Something Good in Memphis!