10 February 2010

10 / 52 Demons

This is a semester long side project to illustrate 52 demons, and from them create a deck of cards.

In my "demon" research, I came across this definition:
In the contemporary Western occultist tradition (perhaps epitomized by the work of Aleister Crowley), a demon... is a useful metaphor for certain inner psychological processes, though some may also regard it as an objectively real phenomenon.

I've decided to illustrate my own deck of tarot cards, which is actually 78 cards in total, but I won't be including the 22 Arcana Major cards (perhaps later?). The Arcana Minor cards are already divided into 4 suits: Cups, Wands, Discs, & Swords (or hearts, clubs, diamonds, & spades). They have 14 cards per suit instead of the standard 13, so I'll be executing 56 in all.

This is Ace through 10 of the Cups suit.