29 August 2010

State of the Union: Part 02

This is my personal favorite piece
that I've made. I spent eight hours a day for a week working on this thing. It means a lot to me for a few different reasons. Firstly, it's the only sculpture I've made that I really liked working on and really liked the finished product. It's also supremely personal.

It's a Tree of Life, a type of Mexican folk art. I saw my first one in person in Ciudad de Mexico two years ago, and this piece was my response for the proceeding exhibition. Trees of Life act as shrines to dead loved ones. I made mine as a self-portrait (with me in the center), and the four skeletons on the branches represent four deaths that have impacted me.

It's also important to me because I built the entire thing in the Rozelle Artists Guild group studio at our original headquarters, 822 Rozelle St. with the help of my best friends. The structure itself was made from disassembling and rebuilding a wooden chandelier found in the warehouse, and the plaster base molded from a found bowl.


Most people seem to like this print I made in Digital Printmaking last semester, probably because it's dark and creepy. I like it too though.

I think my tarot card deck surprised me the most. I loved doing them, but I knew that doing 56 individual illustrations--particularly about a subject matter which is both very complicated and of which I knew very little about--was going to be difficult unless I spent most of the time researching the symbolism and condensing it into a simple image, and less of the time on the actual execution. In the final result, the nearly all of the illustrations were drawn at the print size, some even enlarged, which is not typical. They ended up looking simple, but not unfinished. I'm pretty proud of the way they turned out, and I'm still kicking myself for accidentally deleting the original PSDs...


These are five sketches I like as much as any of my finished pieces:

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