14 September 2010

MCA's 2010 Zap Card

So, I recently started an internship with Combustion, a local design firm that handles most of Memphis College of Art's design work. The internship is supposed to be just for Graphic Design students, but being that I'm an Illustration student, I get to draw and design. It's a fun job. My first assignment was to redesign their "zap card;" a mailer they send out to prospective students to keep them on the mailing list.


Kiefer said...

I like that where it says "areas of interest" it doesn't also say "(check all that apply)." That gets annoying sometimes.

Lauren Rae Holtermann said...

I didn't even think to include that. They pretty much just want me to copy all the text from previous designs verbatim. Otherwise, I totally would have revised that opening letter..