17 August 2009

Objectified by Gary Hustwit

You may have heard of a film that came out last year called Helvetica, a documentary on the creation, evolution, and eventual ubiquity of Helvetica, the font. If you haven't, it's definitely worth 80 minutes even to someone not in the design art field, if only just to be blown away by the impressive list of logos and everyday signage that uses Helvetica. [For more info, check out: helveticafilm.com] The film's creator, Gary Hustwit, is currently knee deep in a trilogy of design documentaries; the second of which is the new film, Objectified, which explores the connection between ourselves, manufactured objects, and by extension, the designers who think them up. Check out objectifiedfilm.com for more goodies, like a free (& badass) tote bag with the purchase of Objectified on DVD. Also, if you're in Memphis/Nashville area, it's showing in Nashville at the Belcourt Theatre from September 11-17th, 2009. Check out: belcourt.org for event info.

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