30 August 2009

Top Five All Time Pet Peeves

1. When people give me advice on beating some sickness while I'm ill.
I have an auto-immune disorder. Basically, when I get a virus or an infection, my immune system literally attacks my white blood cells instead of the intruding organisms, so I continue to get sicker, and sicker, and sicker, until I have the time and money to hit up a doctor and get badass antibiotics, which work about half the time.. Nothing drives me more insane as when I am pushing myself to the absolute limit, walking around school with muffled ears, coughing up shit, with a snotrag permanently plastered to my face, and having someone go "OH ARE YOU SICK? YOU SHOULD DRINK ORANGE JUICE. CLEARS IT RIGHT UP" or "OH TAKE TWO SUDAFED, THAT SHIT WORKS DUDE" or "SNORT SALT WATER AND EAT SHARK MEAT, MY GRANNY SWEARS BY IT". Dude, fuck you guys. Do you think I'd still be a mucus monster after three fucking weeks if goddamn orange juice helped? You think I'm just outside rolling around in cold mud, starving myself?

2. Rich kids with no sense of the value of things, like their cars, homes, or expensive educations.
My roommate Ryan Steed recently renovated an enormous seven bedroom, five bathroom house in the richer area of Midtown. TWO rich little college girls are living there, with their respective daddies splitting the THREE THOUSAND DOLLAR PER MONTH RENT. They have only been there for three months, and have already put holes in the drywall, broken three toilets, and put huge holes through their fancy little screened-in island porch out back. Likewise, the kids I hate at school the most are not the ones who take up the Sleeze-N-Slime couches all damned day to talk about anime, or the kids who bum cigarettes but don't inhale-- No, it's the kids who come to class DRUNK, and HIGH, the ones who can't refuse a beer on a schoolnight and are always ready to spend daddy's money on Adderall to make up for the past week of idiocy the night before a huge project is due. I'm not even talking about the freshmen who are abusing their newfound freedom; these idiots somehow make it to upperclassmen status, but still can't say no to going out the night before their final exam, and THEN! AND THEN! BItch about how they made a C! Or blame it on a professor's 'trick questions'.

3. Idle bitching or complaining that doesn't contribute or lead to the execution or pursuit of a solution.
It drives me crazy that kids at art school consistently bitch about how they don't like this policy, or how this rule is unfair, or how security did this and they don't think it's right, yet, they never take any of the right steps towards FIXING the issue at hand. As the editor of the Black & White, the school's newspaper, I have had ONE singular goal in all my writings: to force my peers into realizing that they DO have a choice, and a voice. To remind them that this is not high school; you are not being forced to go to school anymore. You CHOSE to go to the school, and you are paying thousands and thousands of dollars a year to do so. Thus, if something isn't up to snuff, you have EVERY right to complain, or ask why. You, essentially, are a customer paying for the service of an education. Something as simple as relinquishing the limit on Art History courses, or having your cafeteria account funds roll over to the next semester, or having a particularly unfair professor's teaching methods examined by the administration, or proposing a reevaluation of a security policy-- These are all insanely easy things to investigate. IT takes a letter, e-mail, or visit to the right member of administration, a logical argument, a few students who back you up, and determination to not be ignored or brushed off. Standing in Smoker's Alley bitching about it over a Camel Light and then going back to class five minutes later literally incites no change whatsoever.

4. People that play videogames while they are supposed to be entertaining guests
This really gets on my nerves. I'm not much of a video game person in the first place, but I really loathe it when a person has people over, I'm talking like five people, and then starts a video game with one other person. Now, to be fair, we used to have Rozelle meetings at a friend's apartment, and afterwards, we'd all take turns playing Super Smash Bros. BUT, that was four-player game, and we all switched out every match, or every fifteen minutes or so, so nobody was ever stuck watching everyone else play for more than that amount of time. I don't think there is anything ruder than two people playing a serious, serial two-player video game for hours on end, with five other people in the room that can't even have side conversations because the game is so loud. I know some people don't mind watching video games, or actually enjoy it, but I just don't believe in putting a video game in a room where you are not entirely positive that everyone present WANTS to watch you play. I.E. IF I'M IN THE ROOM, DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT.

5. Vegans, hippies, ravers, alcoholics, stoners, & hipsters that give art students & artists a bad stereotype.
I've written about this before, when I posted my extremely long and unforgiving diatribe against Sanssouci [read it here], but I absolutely loathe these idiots that do ecstasy, throw house parties where everyone dances to hipster bullshit shirtless until the wee hours, lecture people about eating animal products but happily use silver gelatin processes to develop their trendy black & white photography, wear glasses with no lenses, have orgies because free love is sooo natural, or any of that other crap that HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH MAKING ART. I don't believe in that "everyone can be an artist" bullshit, because it gives idiots like this an excuse to lump themselves into a category with people that truly love to draw or paint or make music, just because they take polaroids or make collages from National Geographics while tripping LSD.


Brian Truesby said...

Oh, how I enjoyed reading your truthiness.

bSartain said...

love you pookie! When are you are better, we should hang out. I have many things/ideas I would like to run past you. So when you have time, because I know you are busy, I'd enjoy seeing your face. And you can continue your rant bc I agree!