15 December 2007

I love how important things like when you are to be out of the dorm, what happens to you if you are not, and how exactly you prove that you're gone are things I do not hear a word about until the day of. I also love that the school finds it acceptable to fine $50 per person of the dorm that has a "dirty" common area. I like that I'm supposed to "check out" of the dorms with an RA who is not here. I really like that I am being threatened $50-a-day fines for every extra day I am in the dorms past Saturday, December 15th, and I like it even more that the only way to prove I left is to check out with an RA that is not here, and I love that I didn't know any of this until TODAY. I REALLY love that although it was advertised through e-mails and posted flyers in the hallways that the school would be open until December 19th, it really isn't open past December fucking 14th. I really love that I was told the wrong day, because now I have no means of finishing a month-long project that was going to be a Christmas present because I planned to do it Monday. I am only lucky I caught the last guard on duty and coerced her into letting me run down to the shop and retreive it, otherwise I would have been miserable.

By love, I mean, I feel the need to eat paperwork and shit it out on people's desks.

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